Primary focus: Airframe manufacturer ( 1984 - 2000 )

Rotorcraft designer, developer and manufacturer with majority state ownership.

About Aérospatiale

Aérospatiale was a French state-owned aerospace manufacturer that built both civilian and military aircraft, rockets and satellites. The former assets of Aerospatiale's helicopter operations are now part of Airbus Helicopters. Formerly known as Société Nationale Industrielle Aérospatiale (S.N.I.A.S)

Aérospatiale History

Predecessor organizations of Aérospatiale

Société Nationale Industrielle Aérospatiale (SNIAS)
France ( 1970 - 1984 )


Successor organizations or spinoffs of Aérospatiale

Eurocopter Group (Eurocopter)
Multi-country (1992 - 2014)