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1945 - First Annual National Forum of the American Helicopter Society (AHS)

Our latest featured aircraft for April is the Sikorsky S-60 Crane .

Developed in 1959, derived from the S-56.  As a flying crane, the supported payload is 12800 lb (5806 kg).

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Why not use just typical data for a Type of aircraft?

Other databases (e.g. Wikipedia) tend to show typical data for one aircraft deemed to be representative of a Type. Whilst this can be informative, it implies that all other aircraft are very similar, which may or may not be true. Vertpedia allows users to enter data for any aircraft in a Type series. This is particularly useful when there are significant, or noteworthy, differences between individual aircraft within the Type and avoids someone having to decide what is representative.

Vertipedia makes it easy for you to find a range of information on vertical flight, including:

  • Targeted searches of documents provided by the Vertical Flight Society, as well as public sources from across the internet
  • Important milestones that have helped shape the history of vertical flight
  • People who have played a role in vertical flight
  • Vertical flight aircraft, such as helicopters, tilt rotors and tilt wings, jet-lift VTOL, and more.

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