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1922 - Successful demonstration of the 1922 Berliner No. 4 machine

Our latest featured aircraft for June is the Bell AH-1W SuperCobra .


Sometimes known as the ‘Whiskey Cobra', the aircraft was designed as an attack helicopter to be operated by two crew. The first production aircraft was delivered in March 1986, 32 months after the award of the development contract.

The aircraft could carry the following armaments,

  • 2.75 and 5 inch rockets
  • TW, Hellifire, Sidewinder and Sidearm missiles
  • Parachute flares
  • Turreted 20mm, chin mounted gun (General Electric M-197 Vulcan cannon)

 The aircraft aircraft was capable of the following roles,

  • Escort to transport helicopters
  • Close-in/Landing Zone fire support
  • Forward air controller
  • Anti-armor

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