People's Republic of China
Primary focus: Airframe manufacturer

Helicopter company arm of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) – the state-owned aerospace and defense company

About Avicopter

"Headquartered in Tianjin, AVICOPTER leads China Helicopter Reseach and Development Institute, Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Ltd., Changhe Aircraft Industry Group Ltd., Huiyang Aviation Propeller Factory, Tianjin Helicopter Co., Ltd., and China Flying Dragon General Aviation Company.  Engaging in helicopter manufacturing and general aviation operations, AVICOPTER focuses on the research and development of helicopters, light multi-purpose aircraft and aviation propellers, since the company has cultivated its capability in developing and producing types of helicopters in series and also undertaking subcontract production of various aeronautical components and parts.  

AVICOPTER's products cover the military families of Z8, Z9, Z10, Z11 and Z19, and the brand new generation of civil families including AC313 (13-ton), AC352 (7-ton), AC312 (4-ton), AC311 (2-ton), and AC310 (1-ton), which are all contributed to today's product structure featuring military and civilian services integration, prototype derivation and family development.  Additionally, AVICOPTER has independently designed and manufactured light utility fixed-wing aircraft - the Y12 series, also established aero composite material manufacturing center, and has been providing subcontract products to world's well-known aviation manufacturers."

-Description extracted from:

"AVICOPTER Product Family," AVICOPTER Co.,Ltd,  c. 2016 (brochure)