Data on manufacture and type

Manufacturer: GE Aviation

Powerplant type: Turbine

Powerplant Ratings

Provided powerplant data is for uninstalled, sea level, static operations.

Normal Ratings
Max continuous: 1523 kW 2041 hp
Take-off / rated: 1893 kW 2538 hp
Intermediate: 1741 kW 2334 hp
OEI Ratings
OEI contingency: 1867 kW 2502 hp
OEI continuous: 1861 kW 2495 hp
OEI 30-second: 2023 kW 2712 hp
OEI intermediate:  


References and sources used

Type Certificate Data Sheet No. E8NE
Federal Aviation Administration
FAA TCDS web site, May 15, 2015 (page 2)
Reference covers all versions of the CT7-8