Data on manufacture and type

Manufacturer: Wright Aeronautical Division, Curtiss-Wright Corporation

Powerplant type: Reciprocating

Powerplant Ratings

Provided powerplant data is for uninstalled, sea level, static operations.

Normal Ratings
Max continuous: 858 kW 1150 hp
Take-off / rated: 858 kW 1150 hp
OEI Ratings
OEI contingency:  
OEI continuous:  
OEI 30-second:  
OEI intermediate:  


References and sources used

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T.O. No. 1H-21(Y)-2, 15 Jun 1954 (page 149)
Report or Technical Manual
Revision date 15 Aug 1955

Aircraft using the Wright R-1820-103 (derated)