United States of America
Primary focus: Airframe manufacturer

Bartini, Inc. is developing an eVTOL aircraft using coaxial variable-pitch propellers in a quad-copter configuration for urban air taxis. Research and development is carried out by the company in Zhukovskiy, Russia (“OOO Bartini Design”)

About Bartini

The company’s patented aircraft fuselage design generates aerodynamic lift for greater speeds and efficiency. It is a very city-friendly design because of its small footprint and the vertical noise distribution of its ducted fans. Full autonomy prepares for future regulatory and market acceptance of pilotless aviation, while assisted flight control will impose lower requirements on the pilot. Electric distributed propulsion is environmentally friendly and has zero emissions, while the design is fully upgradable to hydrogen fuel cells once the technology becomes more economically feasible and refill stations become available.

We believe that infrastructure is the key to unlocking the highest consumer value, and we have the ambition to lead the thought in this. We are helping to develop users and infrastructure within the McFly.aero Aeromobility Innovations Incubator project by:

- Allying with important technology component providers to establish standards and make products ready to be distributed through market channels into this new emerging $1 trillion industry;

- Igniting architectural communities that will lead city acceptance of landing spaces and new operational transportation modes, and;

- Making conscious efforts to create awareness through entrepreneurial communities in many cities of the world to start dialogues with regulators on major issues, such as airspace use, aircraft certification and landing space construction.