United Kingdom
Primary focus: Airframe manufacturer ( 1951 - 1959 )

Manufacturer of small, conventional helicopters

About Saro

Saunders-Roe took over The Cierva Autogiro Co. to create a helicopter division. The company had previously concentrated on fixed-wing aircraft design, development and manufacture. Until 1952 early products went under the company designation Saro-Cierva. Beyond that year the products went under the designation of 'Saro'.

The helicopter division was eventually merged into Westland Aircraft Ltd in 1959 as part of the consolidation  of the UK helicopter industry. The name was lost after Westland Helicopters re-organized and Saunders-Roe beocame the Cowes Division of Westland Helicopters Ltd.

Saro History

Predecessor organizations of Saro

Cierva Autogiro Company Ltd. (Cierva)
United Kingdom ( 1926 - 1951 )


Successor organizations or spinoffs of Saro

Westland Aircraft Ltd (Westland)
United Kingdom (1935 - 1966)