Born: Italy
Primarily active in: Italy


Corradino D’Ascanio was interested in flight at an early age and became a mechanical engineer in 1914. He initially specialized in aircraft engine testing, a new and demanding field. In the interwar years, using his helicopter patents, he designed and built the D’AT3, a coaxial helicopter with very original helicopter controls. The D’AT3 flew for the first time in 1930 at Ciampino Airport, near Rome. The aircraft subsequently took a number of FAI recognized world records.

D'Ascanio was promoted to General in the Regia Aeronautica in recognition of his technical prowess.

A true helicopter pioneer, D’Ascanio is also known as the “Father of the Scooter” for inventing the Piaggio Vespa and the Ape, the progenitor of the autorickshaw.

Source: "1930 D’Ascanio D’AT3 Helicopter", AHS Calendar October 2012