Born: Russia
Primarily active in: United States of America

1900 - 1955

Viacheslav V. Ousounoff was born in Russia May 5, 1900 and received his military education by attending the O.B. Cadet Corps (Military) in Orel, Russia, 1910-17; the Naval Academy, Petrograd, 1917-19 (Ensign); Officers' Training School (Army) Vladivostok, 1919-21, (Officer-Instructor).  He was commissioned a lieutenant in the White Russian Army and fought in Siberia until the bitter end.  When the remnants of the White Russian Army left he went to the Philippines where he was employed as an irrigation engineer and meteorligist on various plantations. Later he came to US where he attended Cooper Union, N.Y. 1928-29 (free-hand drawing) and did freelance art work and interior decorating.  In 1940 he joined Sikorsky and was employed there until his death.  He was group leader of the Art Section, charter member of the AHS, and a member of the Association of Former Russian Naval Officers in America.

Mr. Ousounoff passed away on December 5, 1955 at his home in South Britain, Conneticut.

Obituary (pg-19)  : AHS Newsletter February 1956