Born: Russia
Primarily active in: Russia

1937 - 1997

  Born on July 26, 1937 in Cherkassy, he graduated from the Kaliningrad Technical Institute in 1961 and began work that year as a helicopter design engineer for Dr. Mikhail L. Mil.   He earned a doctorate in engineering at the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1971 and went on to become a recognized world authority on rotary wing aviation.  During his career, he authored 19 scientific publications and received patent certificates on 14 inventions relating to rotorcraft design.  He was a member of the Russian Academy of Transportation, the Russian Aviation and Aeronautics Academy, and the board of the Russian Helicopter Society.  In the international helicopter community, he was active as a board member of the European Rotorcraft Forum.  He also served as a member of the AHS Technical Council. Dr. Mark Vladimirovich Vineberg, General Director of Russia's Mil Design Bureau, died after a brief illness on February 3, 1997.  He was 59 years old. 

AHS Update: Vertiflite March/April 1997