Born: United States of America
Primarily active in: United States of America

Born November 20, 1919 in Belleview, Kentucky, Theodore E. Dumont graduated from the University of Cincinnati. He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II and later the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Between the wars, he joined the Civil Aeronautics Administration, the precursor to the Federal Aviation Administration, where he was quickly recognized as a specialist in helicopter airframe design. At the CAA, he initiated certification efforts for the Bell 47B and B3, the first commercial helicopters to win agency certification. Later, as Sikorsky’s FAA coordinator, he participated in the certification of nearly all Sikorsky civil helicopters designed during his tenure, including the S-55C, S-58, S-58T, S-61A, S-61L, S-61N, S-62A, S-64A, E and F models. Ted led the HAI regulations committee as its chairman from 1976 to 1988 and served as chairman of the Rotorcraft Working Group of the FAA Research, Engineering, and Development Advisory Committee. As a consultant, he supported Kaman Aerospace’s efforts to certify the KMAX and Erickson Air-Crane’s certification for the S-64E and F helicopter. Ted was honored as an  AHS Fellow in 1999. At HAI, he received the Lawrence D. Bell Award and later the HAI Fellow Award. In 1985, he was recognized with the FAA Silver Medal for Service to Rotorcraft Safety.

Theodore E. (“Ted”) Dumont passed away on November 2, 2005 in Milford, Connecticut. A longtime member and supporter of both the American Helicopter Society and Helicopter Association International, Ted devoted the bulk of his career to Sikorsky Aircraft, where he served as chief of civil aviation regulations.

AHS Update: Vertiflite Winter 2005