Born: Spain
Primarily active in: Spain

Dr. José Luis López Ruiz, a revered figure in the Spanish and European helicopter industry, Dr. López Ruiz is given credit for promoting and solidifying the early helicopter industry in Spain. His career began at INTA (the Spanish equivalent to NASA), followed by CASA and other members of the Spanish rotorcraft industry, including Eurocopter España and the Polytechnic University of Madrid where he taught helicopter design.

While serving as the head of the University’s helicopter curriculum, he authored, “Helicopters: Theory and Conceptual Design,” a monumental work of great value to engineering students and practicing VTOL specialists. He was president of the Association of Spanish Aeronautical Engineers from 1979 to 1981. During his life, he received many awards and, in 2004, was selected as resident academic of the Royal Spanish Academy of Engineering.

Dr. Ruiz passed away in April, 2009 in Madrid, Spain after a long illness.