Anti-submarine helicopter previously known as the LAMPS MARK I, used by the US Navy.  By the glossary definition of Useful load, given as 5070 lb (2300 kg), the calculated Empty Weight is approximately 3824 kg.  Kaman began upgrading retired SH-2F helicopters to the SH-2G configuration (the original Max Takeoff Weight was 12800 lb / 5806 kg).  Under the US Navy, both of versions may be fitted with: M-60 7. 62 mm machine guns mounted in their cabin doors; infrared jammers; flare and chaff dispensers.

LAMPS is the acronym for Light Airborne Multipurpose System.


Data on design, manufacture and status

Design authority: Kaman Aircraft Corporation

Primary manufacturer: Kaman Aircraft Corporation

Parent type: Kaman K-800/H-2 Seasprite

Aircraft status: No longer flying


Primary flight and mechanical characteristics

VTOL type: Helicopter

Lift configuration: Single main rotor

Dedicated control device: Tail rotor

Crew required: TBA

Crew seating: Side-by-side

Landing gear: Wheels (non-retractable)

Layout and Dimensions

Data on aircraft size

Overall Dimensions
Overall Height: 4.58 m 15.0 ft
Overall Length: 16.08 m 52.8 ft
Overall Width:  
Airframe Dimensions
Airframe Length: 12.19 m 40.0 ft
Airframe Width: 3.74 m 12.3 ft
Airframe Height: 4.14 m 13.6 ft
Landing Gear Dimensions
Landing Gear Base: 5.13 m 16.8 ft
Landing Gear Track: 3.30 m 10.8 ft
Cabin Dimensions
Cabin Internal Height:  
Cabin Internal Length:  
Cabin Internal Width:  

Weights and Performance

Data on aircraft weight and flight characteristics

Max Gross Weight (ground): 6,124 kg 13,500 lb
Max Gross Weight (airborne):  
Max Take-off Weight: 6,124 kg 13,500 lb
Empty Weight: 3,824 kg 8,430 lb
Useful Load: 2,300 kg 5,070 lb
Empty Weight Fraction: 0.624
Climb Performance
Max Rate of Climb:  
Hover Performance
Hover Ceiling IGE: 6,340 m 20,801 ft
Hover Ceiling OGE: 5,486 m 17,999 ft
Max Level Flight Speed: 252 km/h 136 kts
Never Exceed Speed:  
Service Ceiling:  
Range and Endurance
Max Range: 741 km 400 nm
Max Endurance:  

Engine Details

Aircraft powerplant (lift and/or propulsion)

Provided powerplant data is for uninstalled, sea level, static operations.

Number of engines: 2
Designation: GE T58-GE-8F turbine
Manufacturer: GE Aviation
Normal Ratings
Max continuous:  
Take-off / rated: 1007 kW 1349 hp
OEI Ratings
OEI contingency:  
OEI continuous:  
OEI 30-second:  
OEI intermediate:  

Primary Lift Device

Data on primary lift devices such as main rotors

Main rotor and servo-flap are the modified 23012 airfoil and the 633-018 airfoil respectively. Blade chord of the servo-flap region is 764 mm.

Main Rotor Characteristics
Diameter: 13.41 m 44.00 ft
RPM: 298.0 rpm 298.0 rpm
Direction of Rotation: Counterclockwise
Hub Type:
Main Rotor Blade Characteristics
Blade Construction: All-metal
Blade Chord: 0.560 m 1.84 ft
Blade Tip Geometry: Flat
Blade Twist: -0.279 rad -16.000 deg
Number of Blades: 4
Main Rotor Derived Characteristics
Disc Area: 141.26 m² 1520.6 ft²
Disc Loading: 43.35 kg/m² 8.878 lb/ft²
Solidity: 0.1064
Main Rotor Blade Derived Characteristics
Blade area per blade: 3.76 m² 40.5 ft²
Tip Speed: 209.26 m/s 686.5 fps

Primary Control Device

Data on primary control devices such as tail rotors

Tail Rotor Characteristics
Diameter: 2.46 m 8.07 ft
Configuration: Pusher
Direction of Rotation: Top blade aft
Tail Rotor Blade Characteristics
Number of Blades: 4
Blade Construction:  
Blade Chord: 0.240 m 0.79 ft
Blade Twist:  
Tail Rotor Derived Characteristics
Disc Area: 4.75 m² 51.2 ft²
Solidity: 0.2484
Tail Rotor Blade Derived Characteristics
Tip Speed:  
Blade Area (per blade): 0.295 m² 3.18 ft²

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