The Canadair CL-84, begun in November 1963, was a quarter the size of the XC-142. It weighed 8,100 lb empty, could make a vertical take-off at 12,200 lb, or a shorttake-off at 14,700 lb. The wings were 33 ft long and housed two 1,450 shp Lycoming T53-LTC1K-4A turboprops which powered the cross-linked 14 ft four-bladed propellers. Pitch control was provided by two counter-rotating two-bladed horizontal propellers, which in horizontal flight were stopped and aligned to minimize drag. Roll control was by differential pitch, and yaw was controlled with ailerons.

It made its first vertical flight in May 1965, and first conventional flight that December. A total of four aircraft were built, including one which was not flown. US pilots evaluated it extensively, including demonstrations on amphibious ships and the Pentagon helipad. Neither government was sufficiently interested to order production aircraft. Two aircraft were destroyed in non-fatal accidents due to mechanical failures.

Source: AHS V/STOL Wheel


Data on design, manufacture and status

Design authority: Canadair Ltd

Primary manufacturer: Canadair Ltd

Parent type: Canadair CL-84

Aircraft status: No longer flying


Primary flight and mechanical characteristics

VTOL type: Convertiplane

Compound type: N/A

Lift devices: 2 in Tilt wing configuration

Dedicated control device: 1 Tail rotor

Crew required: TBA in Side-by-side arrangement

Landing gear: Wheels (all retractable)

Key Characteristics

Data on key physical features

Aircraft Details

Data on aircraft configuration, weights, flight performance and equipment


References and sources used

Summary of a Flight Test Evaluation of the CL-84 Tilt Wing V/STOL Aircraft
Keeley, H. L., Reeder, J. P., Champine, R.A.
NASA TM X-1914, 1970, Mar
Report or Technical Manual
A lot of detailed configuration information for the CL-84

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