The Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv Mark I configuration included mechanical gauges in the (conventional) cockpit, the TM 333-2B2 engine, an Anti-Resonance Vibration Isolation System (ARIS) and Frahm dampers (developed by LORD Corporation).  The fuel capacity, useful load and under slung load are 1055 kg, 2490 kg, and 1500 kg, respectively.  Passenger capacity is 12-14 plus the crew.


Data on design, manufacture and status

Design authority: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Primary manufacturer: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Parent type: HAL Dhruv

Aircraft status: Operational


Primary flight and mechanical characteristics

VTOL type: Helicopter

Lift configuration: Single main rotor

Dedicated control device: Tail rotor

Crew required: 1-2

Crew seating: Side-by-side

Landing gear: Skids

Layout and Dimensions

Data on aircraft size

Composite material air frame.

Overall Dimensions
Overall Height: 4.91 m 16.1 ft
Overall Length: 15.87 m 52.1 ft
Overall Width: 13.20 m 43.3 ft
Airframe Dimensions
Airframe Length: 12.89 m 42.3 ft
Airframe Width: 3.19 m 10.5 ft
Airframe Height: 3.89 m 12.8 ft
Landing Gear Dimensions
Landing Gear Base:  
Landing Gear Track:  
Cabin Dimensions
Cabin Internal Height: 1.42 m 4.7 ft
Cabin Internal Length:  
Cabin Internal Width: 1.97 m 6.5 ft

Weights and Performance

Data on aircraft weight and flight characteristics

Max Gross Weight (ground): 5,500 kg 12,125 lb
Max Gross Weight (airborne):  
Max Take-off Weight: 5,500 kg 12,125 lb
Empty Weight: 2,580 kg 5,688 lb
Useful Load: 2,920 kg 6,437 lb
Empty Weight Fraction: 0.469
Climb Performance
Max Rate of Climb: 9 m/s 1,772 fpm
Hover Performance
Hover Ceiling IGE:  
Hover Ceiling OGE:  
Max Level Flight Speed: 280 km/h 151 kts
Never Exceed Speed: 305 km/h 165 kts
Service Ceiling: 6,500 m 21,325 ft
Range and Endurance
Max Range:  
Max Endurance:  

Engine Details

Aircraft powerplant (lift and/or propulsion)

Provided powerplant data is for uninstalled, sea level, static operations.

Number of engines: 2
Designation: Turbomeca TM 333 2B2 turbine
Manufacturer: Turbomeca
Normal Ratings
Max continuous: 736 kW 987 hp
Take-off / rated: 825 kW 1106 hp
OEI Ratings
OEI contingency: 841 kW 1127 hp
OEI continuous: 807 kW 1082 hp
OEI 30-second: 910 kW 1220 hp
OEI intermediate: 807 kW 1082 hp

Primary Lift Device

Data on primary lift devices such as main rotors

Main Rotor Characteristics
Diameter: 13.20 m 43.31 ft
RPM: 314.0 rpm 314.0 rpm
Direction of Rotation: Clockwise
Hub Type: Fiberglass elastomeric (FEL)
Main Rotor Blade Characteristics
Blade Construction: Flexible fibreglass
Blade Chord: 0.500 m 1.64 ft
Blade Tip Geometry:
Blade Twist:  
Number of Blades: 4
Main Rotor Derived Characteristics
Disc Area: 136.85 m² 1473.1 ft²
Disc Loading: 40.19 kg/m² 8.232 lb/ft²
Solidity: 0.0965
Main Rotor Blade Derived Characteristics
Blade area per blade: 3.30 m² 35.5 ft²
Tip Speed: 217.02 m/s 712.0 fps

Primary Control Device

Data on primary control devices such as tail rotors

Tail rotor blade form: rectangular, parabolic tip

Tail Rotor Characteristics
Diameter: 2.55 m 8.37 ft
Configuration: Pusher
Direction of Rotation: Unknown
RPM: 1564 rpm 1564 rpm
Tail Rotor Blade Characteristics
Number of Blades: 4
Blade Construction:  
Blade Chord:  
Blade Twist:  
Tail Rotor Derived Characteristics
Disc Area: 5.11 m² 55.0 ft²
Tail Rotor Blade Derived Characteristics
Tip Speed: 208.82 m/s 685.1 fps
Blade Area (per blade):  

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