The Z-9W, the attack-helicopter version of the Harbin Z-9 Haitun, was the first Chinese helicopter able to destroy armored targets, armed with two Norinco HJ-8 or HJ-8E tube-launched and wire-guided anti-tank guided missles.   Its launch range was 0.6-3 km and was effective in penetrating armor plating up to 600 mm thick.


The first prototype first flew in 1987.  After entering service, additional armament options included:  18-tube pods with 57 mm FFARs; nine-tube pods with 90 mm FFARs; two 12.7 mm machine-guns or 23 mm cannons; up to four TY-90 short-range IR-homing AAMs with a range of 6 km.  Armed with the TY-90 AAMs, the Z-9W was capable of attacking other helicopters.


Maximum internal and external payloads are 2,038 kg and 1,600 kg, respectively.  The machine is equipped with the same WZ8A engines as the Z-9.


Data on design, manufacture and status

Design authority: Aérospatiale, Helicopter Division

Primary manufacturer: Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation

Parent type: Aérospatiale Z-9

Aircraft status: Status unknown


Primary flight and mechanical characteristics

VTOL type: Helicopter

Lift configuration: Single main rotor

Dedicated control device: Fenestron/Shrouded tail rotor

Crew required: 2

Crew seating: Side-by-side

Landing gear: Wheels (all retractable)

Overall Dimensions

Data on aircraft size

Overall Height: 4.01 m (13.2 ft)

Overall Length: 13.46 m (44.2 ft)

Overall Width: 11.93 m (39.1 ft)

Engine Details

Aircraft powerplant (lift and/or propulsion)

Total number of engines: 2

Engine designation: SAEC WZ8A turbine

Engine manufacturer: South Aero-engine Co.

Weights and Performance

Data on aircraft weight and flight characteristics

Max Gross Weight (ground): 4100 kg (9039 lb)

Max Range: 664 km (359 nm)

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