The AC313 is a 13-ton tri-turbine helicopter developed by AVICOPTER and a civil variant of the Changhe Z-8 (also manufactured by Harbin), derived from the Z-8F.  It was CAAC certified on 4 January, 2012 and passed by the Aircraft Evaluation Group.  The first flight of the AC313 was on March 18, 2010, with operational introduction on Dec. 5, 2013.


Its 6-blade main rotor is of composite material, mounted with a titanium flexible rotorhead. 

The cabin permits 18-27 passengers or 15 stretchers.  Maximum internal and external payloads are 5600 kg and 5000 kg, respectively.  The maximum fuel weight is 3800 kg.



Data on design, manufacture and status

Design authority: AĆ©rospatiale, Helicopter Division

Primary manufacturer: Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd.

Parent type: No type defined

Aircraft status: Operational


Primary flight and mechanical characteristics

VTOL type: Helicopter

Lift configuration: Single main rotor

Dedicated control device: Tail rotor

Crew required: 2

Crew seating: Side-by-side

Landing gear: Wheels (non-retractable)

Overall Dimensions

Data on aircraft size

Overall Height: 6.95 m (22.8 ft)

Overall Length: 23.05 m (75.6 ft)

Overall Width: 18.90 m (62.0 ft)

Engine Details

Aircraft powerplant (lift and/or propulsion)

Total number of engines: 3

Engine designation: P&WC PT6B-67A turbine

Engine manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Canada

Weights and Performance

Data on aircraft weight and flight characteristics

Max Gross Weight (ground): 5600 kg (12346 lb)

Max Gross Weight (airborne): 5000 kg (11023 lb)

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